Microsoft is preparing Zune service for non-Zune devices, Marketplace appears in WinMo 6.5 screenshot


We’re only days away from Mobile World Congress where Microsoft is expected to make some notable announcements. Until then, we have to be content with all the clues and innuendos we can gather as Redmond tries to win back the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers loving Android, WebOS, and whatever Apple has cooked. Like those supposed 6.5 screenshots above, this time showing what looks like a Zune-style Marketplace store. We also have CNET reporting today that Microsoft quietly split its Zune team in half on January 22: software and services under Enrique Rodriguez, and hardware under Tom Gibbons which is right in the head-to-head hardware design. -head in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile unit. According to Rodriguez, “the Zune service must transcend the Zune device,” adding, “The goal is to make non-gaming entertainment a first-class citizen within Microsoft’s business.” This includes extending the Zune service beyond Zune and to more devices than Microsoft’s. Or, “a little further than just in Redmond,” to quote Rodriguez directly. While he didn’t say when it was Windows Mobile, he said he expected products other than the Zune player to use the Zune service sometime this year. Now, armed with these Zune-centric WinMo 6.5 screenshots and leaks from Project Pink, it’s no exaggeration to expect a Zune-like WinMo experience to be detailed in Barcelona. Besides, isn’t it time that Danger made this acquisition estimated at 500 million dollars?

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